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Discovery Early Learning Centre

Kia Ora and Welcome to Discovery

Discovery Early Learning Centre is dedicated to providing opportunities for children to learn and grow in a supportive and fun environment. 

Located in Kelson, we are a community-based centre providing quality early childhood education to the Lower Hutt community. 

Our staff are qualified or in training early childhood teachers and have years of experience working in early childhood education centres. 

Opened in April 2007, Discovery’s bright new purpose built centre has been established by the Discovery Christian Centre Trust. 


At Discovery Early Learning Centre we aim to integrate Biblical truths with life in ways that children can relate to and understand.

Each child is an individual and will be allowed to develop at their own pace and according to their own ability.  As each child is unique with God-given potentialities, it is the task of the centre to help discover those gifts and develop them.  

We believe, therefore, that the educational programme should expose children to a wide variety of early childhood experiences.

We believe that it is essential for children to develop in a secure, caring environment that is stimulating and encouraging with well-defined boundaries of behaviour.

We recognise and believe in the vital partnership between the teachers and family/whanau, together sharing responsibility of their child’s learning, growth and development.

Our People

Registered Early Childhood Educators

Sue Lewis, Centre Manager
Sue Lewis, Centre Manager

Steph Hewetson, Head Teacher
Steph Hewetson, Head Teacher

Amy van Riel, Teacher
Amy van Riel, Teacher

Mi Young, Teacher
Mi Young, Teacher

Michelle Pakai, Teacher
Michelle Pakai, Teacher

Rachel Lesicki, Centre Administrator
Rachel Lesicki, Centre Administrator

Debbie Kenzelmann, Finance Administrator
Debbie Kenzelmann, Finance Administrator

Something Different!

Join Us at Bush Kindy!

Each week a group of children take a walk to a local bush area.  This is an opportunity to explore and connect with nature.  We are encouraging children to respect and be stewards of our natural environment.  Through Bush Discovery children develop:

  • Confidence to explore the natural world and direct their own play
  • Well-being and trust for themselves and others
  • An ability to take calculated risks
  • Perseverance and team work
  • A sense of wonder  and awe of God’s creation

Explore Discovery


Thank you for your generous kindness towards our children and our family.  You’re all fantastic teachers, encouragers and supporters.  

We absolutely love you for the effort that goes into each day.  The foundations you’ve laid in all 3 of our children's early learning are invaluable and we so appreciate all you’ve done.

God bless you all. Much love.

Paul & Krissie Taylor

We are so grateful for the genuine love and care you give to our daughter. She often speaks of you at home and it is very apparent that the time she spends at Discovery is both precious and beneficial to her.

Glen and Hayley Smith

I have been recommending Discovery to a few parents, we really wish we had have been aware of Discovery when we were looking for our eldest daughter, Ella.

Thank you so very much for encouraging Zoe. We are so thrilled with how much she enjoys Discovery, she definitely feels comfortable and safe with you all. 

Vanessa & Chris Waight

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